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Music Producer

Sound Desingner

Mix Engineer


He started his music journey at young age, when he used to play violin and drums. Growing up, he approached electronic music and he fell in love with it.


He spent a lot of time (and lost several hours of sleep) being the resident DJ of two underground parties in Bergamo: Bauhaus and Utōpia.


In the meantime he was working as a live sound engineer and studying at the University of Bedfordshire where he got his Higher National Diploma in Music Technology. 

There he deepened his knowledge in acoustics, music composition, music production, audio post production, mixing, mastering, sound synthesis and sound design.


During the past years he constantly challenged himself by making as much music as possible, always experimenting new genres and ways and he finally got to the point of being able to produce the widest variety of genres.


He also produces his own music and goes by the name of Sligo. (DJ Ibon remix of his track “Aurora” has been the closing track of Dionlee runway show during the New York Fashion Week 2020)

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