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Immersive sound


Immersive Sound, also known as Immersive audio or Spatial Audio, is a technology that puts you in a completely new dimension. You'll be surrounded by the sound and you'll be able to locate the sound sources around you by turning your head just like in real life.


It works great in VR, in fact, the experiences will be much more realistic and you'll be able to use sounds to drive the attention of the audience towards particular areas of the 360 sphere. One big concern for VR directors is to make sure that the user is watching towards the right direction while the action is happening. Use immersive sound clues to make sure that the users never miss out the actions. 


Games are another very plausible field of application. An ambisonic soundscape in an open-world game would sound much more interesting and realistic than a classic stereo one. While walking around with a character, the user will experiences changes in the audio perspective, just like he/her was there for real. 


Take your games and VR projects to the next level with the implementation of immersive sound. Feel free to email us if you want a piece of advice about your specific project or just want to know something more about this technology.​

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