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francesco Crovetto

Beat Maker

Music Producer

Sound Desingner


His groove is like when you feel the blood beating in your chest. A heart that beats endlessly. Reassuring and precise. Francesco Crovetto dedicated his entire life to rhythm.

Drummer, Producer, Sound Designer, Teacher. Whether he is on Ableton, on stage, or simply in his head, he loves to have everything articulated according to a precise grid, in order.

His eyes shine for hip hop, funk, rap, and breakbeat. He's the beat-maker of the team. Ableton expert and educator, his sampling techniques, and his drum programming are ​his weapons of choice.

Everything flows into the music project he owns since 2016: OTU. He is the founder, drummer, composer, and producer. He performed on stages across all Italy thanks to the first album - CLAN - released in 2018.

OTU is the true image of his music, of the urgency to express his creativity without barriers, in an original and independent way. A work in constant evolution.


Over the years he made countless experiences and collaborations with other artists and musicians in the role of drummer, composer, arranger, sound designer.


Noteworthy is also the sound design he made for art projects such as the exhibitions by Sonia Ciscato, Enrico Prometti, the videos "Nulla o infinito" by Francesco Pedrini and "La Danse Machabre" - The Death "by Stefano Romano, and the theater performance "NOBODY" FavolaFolle Theater Company. 

For the record he is "curious", "enterprising" and many other things that are written on the CVs, such as "able to interact and communicate, to build lasting working relationships, establish contacts with a large number of people in different contexts", "owns driving license". 

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