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Greg Conti

Monzoa Studio Owner 

Recording and Mixing  Sound Design 


Gregorio "Greg" Conti is a Sound Designer, a Sound Engineer but, first of all, a great musician

His bass has played on hundreds of stages with dozens of bands such as Caso, OTU, Durty Geeks, Bag Ladies, Verbal, Bangarang! and in the past with Bugo, Spread, Purple Woods, and many others.

Greg got his degree in Computer Music at the University of Milan and attended a sound engineering course at the Omicron Studio. The turning point, however, is in 2017 when his Monzoa Studio opens. 

There he begins recording bands, taking care of their sound in all its facets, developing an extended experience in the most varied genres.

His work also moves outside the studio, up and down the stages. In fact, he works as a front of house live sound engineer for many bands and he's the resident technician at the Ink Club in Bergamo.

Super eclectic style, unmistakable sound (and beard!), his groove has gained that naturalness that only years of commitment and sacrifices can provide.

His refined and elegant sound is his trademark. 

Always looking for new (and good) vibrations. Always and strictly with the Hertz under control.

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